The 3 Mindsets That Have Transformed My Confidence, Relationships and Wealth

The 3 Mindsets That Have Transformed My Confidence, Relationships and Wealth

In today’s episode I’m sharing with you three mindsets that have been the biggest catalysts for my personal transformation over the past 4 years. From my self confidence, to the quality of my relationships, to my ability to attract money and create wealth, these 3 things have been the spark for them all.

This episode was inspired by a question I was asked last week, “What would you attribute to the huge transformation you’ve made in your life over the past 4 years?”.

Here’s where I was:

  • I didn’t trust myself. I had low confidence that I could do and achieve what I wanted to in life (financially, career wise, goal wise, in relationships, etc.)
  • I wore a mask of physical confidence — friends saw me as a person who was confident in my body, but internally I judged, and compared and told myself that I was never big, strong, “black” enough.
  • I had complete financial immaturity. I was totally scarce minded. Afraid to look at my bank account. Anxious during financial conversation. I was swimming in student loan and credit card debt, and had no plan to get out because I was so scared of my personal finances.
  • I had a lukewarm intimate relationship with my wife (dating at the time). We both came into the relationship with fears, judgements, negative self talk, and that created a lukewarm bedroom.
Where I am 4 years later:
  • Insane confidence in myself, that’s grounded with humility. I have come to understand things about myself, how I operate, what I’m capable of, that I never knew before. realized I’m stronger, smarter, more resourceful, kind, compassionate, passionate, sexy, courageous than I ever knew possible. Also realized that I don’t know it all, that my growth is contingent upon my ability to seek and receive feedback powerfully. That’s where my humility comes from.
  • I have a strong, passionate, loving, trusting relationship with my wife. connected, not attached. Amazing sex and intimacy. We feel confident to explore the parameters of our relationship and what loving one another unconditionally means. For us that looks like non-monogamy. We’re married and love each other completely, and we support one another in creating powerful, intimate relationships with other people (physically, spiritually, emotionally….all of that)
  • Iv’e opened myself up to receive abundance and generate more money today than I ever have, with much less effort. I have confidence in my ability to achieve the goals I set out. I’m able to take risks and do things that no one else around me is doing (quit my job to pursue a passion, right before having a baby, start a podcast, leverage my gifts and talents, build an online empire).

Listen to the episode to hear the 3 mindsets that have led to all of these personal transformations.


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