The 8 Habits Of A Humble Badass

The 8 Habits Of A Badass

On this episode I’m joined by my wife Sarah as she breaks down the 8 habits of a Humble Badass. What is a Humble Badass you ask? Well you’ll have to tune in to find out!

The premise of this show is looking at how we can create more ABUNDANCE and LOVE in our LIVES so that we can have the experience of life we truly desire. Sarah’s message aligns perfectly with that because her approach to wellness (Sarah is a Balance Lifestyle Coach and Personal Trainer) is one that emphasizes the values of the show.

In our conversation we go through the 8 frameworks of Unleash Your Humble Badass, the process that Sarah takes her lifestyle coaching clients through. It’s this same process and framework that allows Sarah to show up powerfully in all her roles in life, and I’m super excited to hand these tools over to you and see what you do with them!

Everything we’re talking about are simply tools. You may choose to pick them up and use them, or not. There is not one single path to experiencing abundance and love in life (if someone tells you there is, you may want to turn the other way). What I’m offering you up in this episode is a path that might resonate with your spirit. 

Check it out and get ready to unleash your Humble Badass!

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