Unraveling The Be-Do-Have Paradigm

Unraveling The Be-Do-Have Paradigm

In this episode I’m breaking down the Be-Do-Have paradigm from the book Beyond Body Beyond Mind by Dr. Sukhi Muker, made popular by Zig Ziglar.

Two friends introduced me to this book, and I’m extremely grateful they did, because in it Dr. Muker helps me finally grasp my mind around a concept that has been eluding me for some time — what it means to BE something.

You’ve probably heard someone say something along the lines of “All you have to do is BE it. Don’t try to do anything. Just BE.”

Well if you haven’t, I sure have and each time I’m left feeling stumped and frustrated.

Stumped because I’m someone with a very grounded, step-by-step mind. I strive to understand the steps behind the exercises I jump into, whether they be physical or like in this case, mental.

I was frustrated because I had heard so many times this idea of BEing. It comes up in books I read, podcasts I listen to, conversations I have in my community.

Everyone else seemed to be grasping it, but I was completely in the dark.

So when I picked up Beyond Body Beyond Mind and there were very clear instructions on how to BE, I was extremely excited!

In this episode I jump into the book and share the passages that resonated so powerfully with me. I also take the text a step further and share my examples how you can Be-Do-Have in your life.


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