Bill Jamison – Man With A Mission: How This Husband-Father-Entrepreneur Has It All While Remaining Grounded

Bill Jamison - Man with a mission: How this husband-father-entrepreneur has it all while remaining grounded

Yeah, this episode has a pretty bold title. But bold men are deserving of bold titles.

I’ve been inspired by Bill Jamison since meeting him over 3 years ago. Today I consider him a friend and trusted part of my inner circle.

Bill is a husband, father, friend, leader, athlete, entrepreneur, lover, and all around badass guy.

He’s not a famous author, doesn’t have an award winning podcast, hasn’t been on the TED stage. Typically these are the types of folks who I invite on the show. But what Bill has that made me want to record a conversation with him, is this amazing ability to surrender to what he does not know, trust in himself and the process, lead his life with purpose and conviction, love and give with all of his heart, and be an example of what a powerful 21st century man is all about.

That’s someone who I want to talk to!

In my conversation with Bill, we talk about what it looks like to move through uncomfortable situations, the opportunities that reside in fear, tools to keep a relationship sizzling, and the power of setting a vision of yourself to grow into.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How to approach uncomfortable situations
  • What “relationship standards” are and how they create long, healthy bonds
  • 3 different types of mission statements to guide your life

Powerful quotes:

You can’t have it all if you’re hiding behind something.

Notes from this episode: