How Will a Community of Photographers Change You For the Better?

How Will a Community of Photographers Change You For the Better?

If you’re still wondering why you should connect with a community of Photographers, hear Doc List’s answer when I ask him, “What [is someone] missing by NOT participating in an Association?” And hear Doc’s important distinction between an “association” and a “community.”

A portrait guy from Austin, TX, who specializes in fitness photography, Doc List shares a few gems in today’s conversation:

  • The moment when Doc’s father experienced the power of the camera
  • The gift from Doc to his wife, and his experience of being the Photographer (not just Dad) of his kids
  • Hear the beautiful commitment that Doc’s wife made to their children: “I’m not gonna leave that legacy to our children and grandchildren.”
  • Learn how Doc’s serious involvement in the photo community has changed his perspective

Lastly, I challenge each of us to adopt his mantra:

When I get involved in a community, I wanna DO! Click to tweet.Doc List

Connect with Doc:

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