Does Your Website Sound Like You, Bill Clinton, or Your Bumpkin Classmate?

Does Your Website Sound Like You, Bill Clinton, or Your Bumpkin Classmate?

Love him or not, you have to admit that President Bill Clinton is a strong communicator. Yet in 1988, his epically-long speech (33 minutes) at the Democratic National Convention drew the most applause when he FINALLY used the words, “in conclusion.” Ouch.

A true story from the days when I studied for a Master’s Degree: Before returning papers he’d recently graded/slain, the Professor indignantly went to the chalkboard to write the words “were,” “we’re,” then the words “its” and “it’s.” Then he tersely explained the differences.  One of my classmates, a prime offender, shrugged off the dressing-down with “Well . . . it don’t matter.” I’m serious.

Long-winded, ill-educated, confusing, rambling, nonsensical, boorish . . . are these the words visitors use about your website? If so, they’re likely using those words about YOU!

Photographers: You’d NEVER upload your sloppiest work to your website. I’m assuming that you’re curating your finest images, showcasing the zenith of your work. Why, then, would you not give the same affection to the words you have written there?

We must learn to right the write copy to attract the rite customers. Am I wrong?! Click to Tweet!

If you believe that everyone with a pencil & paper is a Copywriter, you also believe that everyone with a camera is a Photographer. Today’s conversation is with a full-time Copywriter–Tawni Haley. Tawni and I explore the many similarities between the careers of Copywriters and Photographers, and also:

  • What IS copy? What is it NOT?
  • How much time does a website have to grab the viewers attention?
  • Why can’t a stellar Photographer rely on the strength of stunning photos?
  • Tips for writing good copy.
  • How to identify the style of copy that is YOUR voice.
  • 2 tips to identify bad copy on your own site.
  • The power of a few keywords (this is not about SEO).
  • How to get the most out of a limited amount of dollars you might spend on a Copywriter.
  • The #1 most important thing about online copy.

“Good written copy is like a good conversation.” -Tawni Haley   Click to Tweet!

I think you’ll find this conversation extraordinarily practical, and applicable to ANYONE who needs to communicate a business message online. So make your Momma proud, and SHARE! Send this episode along your own social media highways, or email the link to a friend.

Tawni mentions an online resource to help us all write better copy. Find that site by clicking HERE.

Not that the books apply at all to today’s topic, but you’ll hear Tawni and me banter about a few bloggers at the end of our talk. I happen to be a fan of both of these women, and own a book from each. So if you want to own one of my favorite cookbooks (the brisket and the mushroom recipes are stellar), click the Pioneer Woman’s link. Or if you’d like to explore “an experimental mutiny against excess,” Jen Hatmaker’s book, 7, is fascinating.

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