“How Bad Is It, Doc?” The State of Professional Photography in America

“How Bad Is It, Doc?” The State of Professional Photography in America

“It’s impossible to make a living as a Professional Photographer!” “People don’t value our work anymore!” “Newcomers into the industry are killing our chance to make a living!”

Do any of these sound familiar?

David Trust, CEO of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) joins The PhotoTellers to discuss the state of Professional Photography in America.

Here is what you’ll hear . . . while you’re here:

  • What is the future of professional photography in America? Are things as bad as people are saying?
  • Is copyright really in jeopardy? What’s going on in Congress & the possibility of changing copyright law?
  • What are the biggest issues facing professional photographers?
  • What is the biggest business mistake photographers make?

OH! But that’s not all! We also explore:

  • The availability of “malpractice” insurance for a Photographer.
  • The lifespan of a low-priced Photographer entering the market today.
  • How to speak to potential clients so that they’ll be willing to share some of their “pot of money” with you.
  • How to move from a “photographer hired to do a job” to “MY family photographer!”

Two places where you can learn more about the work of PPA, and if a membership to PPA is good for you:

  1. I reference a conversation with Michael Timmons. This is where he explains the value of PPA to Photographers.
  2. Check out PPA’s website HERE.

At the end of the conversation, you’ll hear David and me discuss a few favorite books. Click on one of the affiliate links below, and say “hello” to my dear friend, Amazon.