How To Build Your Email List

By December 29, 2015 Business No Comments
How to build your email list from The Digital Marketing Guy Podcast

Email marketing is, and continues to be, one of the best ways to reach your target audience. But if you don’t have a sizable email list then you really aren’t reaching many people…are you?!?

Boxes, banners, popups, slide outs, full page overlays — these are all methods that online business owners use to get you to part with your email address. And guess what, those methods work!

In today’s episode I’m going to explore 4 different email list growth tools that I use and love. Hopefully I’ll be introducing you to new tools that you’ve yet to try out, otherwise I might be reminding you of a tool that you’ve installed but have yet to fully take advantage of. Either way, if you put these tools to use you’ll be able to grow your email list and reach more people who are interested in learning about what you’re selling.

What you’ll hear in today’s episode:

  • My 4 favorite email list growth tools
  • Live examples of these tools being used right now
  • Why I like each of these tools and how you can get them up and running on your website

Notes from this episode:

Here is a screenshot showing three of the email lead capture tools that are currently being used on my wife’s blog at

Back to complete email capture  screenshot