I’m Feeling Tired Of Working On Myself

I'm Feeling Tired Of Working On Myself

I’m coming clean in this episode and am sharing something I’ve been feeling for a little while now: I’m tired of working on myself.

I’m tired of feeling like I need to constantly improve myself, fix things, heal wounds, grow and transform. At the moment – and I stress that I understand this to be a momentary feeling and not a permanent state, but nevertheless – I feel the desire to unplug, get out of my environment for a bit, and live on a beach. Yes, I want to spend my days in the sun and sand : )

I’m sharing this for a few reasons: First, it’s my truth and this show is all about transparency. So there’s that. Second, because I know other people out there are feeling similar. You are feeling totally inundated with “self help” stuff. You can’t open up your social media without seeing inspirational quotes and videos with dramatic music. You can’t walk through a bookstore without someones guide to improving everything that’s wrong with you being broadcast from a shelf. You can’t hop into a podcast without people giving you tips for how you can “level up” and “hack” your life. I’m probably guilty on that one myself.

But if you’re feeling the way I have been feeling lately, then this episode is giving you permission to vent, let it out, confess the mortal sin of feeling fed up with self help, and be a real person.


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