How I’m Fixing My F’d Up Relationship Towards Money

How I'm Fixing My F'd Up Relationship Towards Money

In this episode I’m talking about an aspect of health and wellness that I don’t think gets a lot of attention, and that’s your relationship towards money. For 18 years I’ve had an incredibly disempowering relationship with my personal finances. I went years without looking into the state of my personal finances, dodging creditor phone calls, never checking my credit score, and blowing all my cash as soon as it was payday. What that got me was massive anxiety around just about anything money related.

But things changed for me 2 years ago when I became very intentional about shifting my relationship towards money.

Now, I believe that a healthy relationship towards and knowledge of your personal finances is vital to feeling like you have it all. Remember, A.L.L. stands for “Abundant Loving Life”, and Life can be broken down to the 6 F’s of: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, FINANCE and Fun. How can you have an abundant and loving relationship with Finance if you’re afraid of it?

I’m sharing with you some of the mindset shifts that have happened with me that has ushered me down a new path in how I experience my finances and with what I’m attracting. I’m also sharing with you the tool that Sarah and I use to get out household finances in order and finally feel like we’re adults who are on top of things!

Notes from this episode:


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