The Importance Of Acknowledging Your Own Growth

The Importance Of Acknowledging Your Own Growth

In today’s episode I’m talking about how important it is that you periodically take time to acknowledge how far you’ve come in your personal growth journey. So frequently we are caught up in the pursuit of whatever it is that we’re going after — peace, joy, greatness, self mastery, personal development — that we neglect to realize how far we’ve come. We spend our time thinking about how much further we have to go, and totally disregard the tremendous amount of healing and growing we had to do to get where we are today.

I give you a couple of personal examples that I experienced very recently where I had an opportunity to recognize growth: one example with my wife and one example with both my wife and myself.

If you’re listening to this show then I can safely bet that you have been doing some sort of “work” on yourself. It will look different to different people, but I’m confident that one of your personal goals is to be a better person today (however you define better) than you were yesterday. I think that’s great and love the fact that you’re into self improvement.

But I feel that self improvement needs to come with context and a point of reference in order to be truly appreciated, and to not simply become something that you’re pursuing without knowing the end in mind.

I share you with you stories and experiences in the hope that you will take something away from them that you can apply to your life. We’re all connected, we all experience the same emotions with different catalysts, and in recording this episode I’m giving myself permission to stop and recognize my own healing and growth.

Notes from this episode:


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