Improve Your Website in a Weekend

Improve Your Website in a Weekend

Do you and your website need a weekend marriage retreat? A team-building event? A weekend getaway to remember why you fell in love in the first place?

Remember the days when you spent so much time together–dreaming about the places you’d go together, the people you’d meet, the great times you’d share?

But through time and neglect, you’ve grown apart. You’re rarely seen together. When someone asks about you two, you avert your eyes, mumble a little, and feel guilty.

Is your website neglected, lonely, missing you?

Never fear! Matthew Bivens, THE DIGITAL MARKETING GUY, is here to help.

You can dramatically improve your website this weekend.

Does it sound too good to be true? Listen in to the practical tips that Matthew provides in today’s conversation. And do yourself a favor–pay more attention to The Digital Marketing Guy. Do you think that your business can profit from the wisdom and accountability of a group of other Entrepreneurs? Make certain to listen until the end.

Find Matthew on his website, or on Twitter.

“Here’s two resources I use often,”

Matthew Faced the H a few weeks ago.  Check out his interview.

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