Kelsey Humphreys – How to Release Attachments, Take Inventory, and Figure Out What You’re Really Meant to Do

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Kelsey Humphreys is driven.

From an early age she knew what it was like to shift into fifth gear and really go after what she wanted. This has resulted in success throughout her life as a media executive, entrepreneur, author, and speaker.

But Kelsey also knows what it’s like to be moving at light speed while carrying some serious baggage.

Throughout Kelsey’s life she’s had the courage to look at herself, critically yet compassionately, and make the shifts that she’s needed to keep pace with her vision and in alignment with her health.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to find what it is you love to do
  • Kelsey’s personal story of alcohol addiction, healing and release, and the resulting impact
  • Tips from Kelsey’s interviews with Gary Vaynerchuk, Chalene Johnson and Marie Forleo

Powerful Quotes:

Once you find something that you love, you need to buckle in and put your drive in a focused years long path. Not year long, not 18 months, but “years” plural.

Real true success goes in every area of your life.

So many people in our lives have deep hidden hurts and dysfunctional things, and I just hope that we are gracious and give each other grace, compassion and understanding.

Take inventory…actually sit and write out the areas of your life and how you’re doing in those areas and which ones need improvement. I think that is huge.

My best advice for “How do I figure out what I’m really meant to do?” would be to write out all of the things you have loved, and find a common thread.

Notes from this episode:


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