Why Personal Mission Statements Are the Most Powerful Way to Uncover Your Direction and Path

Why personal mission statements are the most powerful way to uncover your direction and path

At the end of last week’s episode — “How Do I Make Sure I’m On Path to My Greatest Self” — I left you with a cliffhanger.

Last week I was talking about FEEDBACK and the power of feedback to ensure you stay on path in life. I introduced the question, “What’s the point of being on path if you don’t know where the path is leading you to?”

I left you with the promise that the next episode would be about Mission Statements and would feature a special guest.

Well…here we are!

This week I have an incredibly awesome guest with me, live in the studio (first episode with a guest in the flesh with me), and we get down and dirty on everything about Personal Mission Statements.

Most people have heard of Mission Statements within businesses or organizations. But have you ever thought about how a Personal Mission Statement might impact your life?

The difference between a life that’s fueled by a clear, intentional mission, and one that is not, can be staggering.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Exactly what a Personal Mission Statement is, how they are used, and why they’re important
  • A process for developing your own Personal Mission Statement
  • Stories and testimonies of people’s experience of life before and after creating a Personal Mission Statement
  • A taste of a very unique way to create a more badass life

Powerful quotes:

We are all leaders of ourselves. Where are you leading yourself? Where are you taking yourself?

A Mission Statement is an amazingly beautiful expression of being proactive in your life.

Notes from this episode: