Robert Monroe – “You Have To Move Your Feet”: A Story About Seeing the Beauty in All of Life’s Circumstances

Today’s guest is a father to three daughters, a husband to a beautiful wife, friend to myself and so many others, and an economist by profession.

His name is Robert Monroe, and if you met him in person, the first thing you’d probably notice is his smile.

He’s got one of those ear to ear smiles that tends to come with a hearty laugh and come from a place of joy.

But behind the smile is a man who has been some incredibly trying times in his life. At a young age Robert was orphaned and learned some brutal lessons about life. But his smile never faded.

I’m incredibly honored to bring you this conversation with Robert, where we talk about life, family, parenthood, and much more.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • A powerful metaphor for viewing your life as a masterpiece
  • How to create momentum and velocity in your life
  • An inspiring definition of “family”

Powerful quotes:

You have to move your feet. If you dwell about what’s wrong and what you lost, you won’t know what you can get.


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