The Photographer’s Free Personal Assistant–StudioCloud

The Photographer’s Free Personal Assistant–StudioCloud

Have you ever wanted a Personal Assistant? Even better–how about one that’s FREE? Today’s conversation features Cori Rae of StudioCloud. In a few short minutes, she’ll explain WHY StudioCloud exists, and HOW it could change the way you operate your business. And did I mention “FREE?” Not “free for 30 days,” but “free.” Listen in for yourself.

Every Photographer who earns a living at the craft is somewhere along the sliding scale of:

  • Photographer who is moments away from losing his/her business
  • Photographer who is established in business, but still struggling to manage the monsoon of “non-camera” related issues
  • Photographer who understands the systems of his/her business, and the “non-camera” issues run smoothly

Where are you?

Do you have a system in place to help with your taxes, your billing, your schedule, your customer relationship tasks (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)?

And go look for yourself! Find StudioCloud by clicking HERE.

And have you read THE book for business owners? It’s a classic, and I recommend it HIGHLY (not just me, but so does the brilliant Bev Walden . . . you’ll hear that soon).

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