When Satire Meets Photography: Missy MWAC

When Satire Meets Photography: Missy MWAC

Satirical, funny, sometimes snarky–Missy MWAC‘s commentary on the state of professional photography has entertained some, offended others. Why does she do it? What reactions has she gotten from her show? Does she hate new photographers? Does she hate workshops? How tall is she? Tune in as she explains, and also discusses:

  • The tone of her show has changed . . . why?
  • The story of the first video she created
  • Why her? Why does she think she’s the person to “guide you through the murky waters of professional photography?”
  • Her opinion on how do you identify great workshops. What steps do you take to verify?
  • Why does she say that the industry is in “a funky place right now?”
  • Why is the hotel bar one of the best “programs” at convention?
  • What has the industry given Missy?

“When you call a Photographer, more times that not, it’s because you’ve got something great you wanna celebrate.” -Missy MWAC

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