When Serendipity Meets Photography: A Fireside Chat with Laurie Rubin

When Serendipity Meets Photography: A Fireside Chat with Laurie Rubin

The first time Laurie Rubin looked through the viewfinder of a borrowed camera, she realized “This is what I want my world to look like.” Once you look into the world she’s seeing, you’ll also love the look. Laurie has followed her camera around the world, into the sky (literally), and even into the Smithsonian.

Laurie Bio Pic © Karen Hutton IMG_2267

Laurie Bio Pic © Karen Hutton

What can you expect from today’s conversation?

  • Laurie kindly shares a wealth of resources to help you hone your craft
  • Learn how your trips to the local zoo are invaluable practices for photographing in the wild. You CAN prepare for the moment that you don’t expect.
  • Learn to trust and heed the inner voice that tells you to stop, slow down! Discover how that voice led Laurie to the Smithsonian.
  • Discover the role of photographic contests in your own improvement.
  • The key piece of advice the Laurie gives to other Photographers. It’s both literal and figurative.

If you’re like me, the conversation moves faster than your pen. Therefore, I’ve included links to the resources Laurie mentions.

DJI.COM   . . . let your camera start looking down on the world.






KELBYONE  . . . if you have a photography-lover in your world, check out the Amazon link below to Scott Kelby’s insanely popular–and practical–box set of digital photography how-to books.

LUCIDLANDSCAPE.COM  . . . my buddy Raynor Czerwinski who has created some killer images from Iceland


FIND YOUR FOCUS workshop. And catch my conversation with Cris Duncan, Founder of Find Your Focus by clicking HERE.

You’ll find more of Laurie’s recommendations on the Amazon links below. One of the KEY RESOURCES, though, is Laurie HERSELF! Stay in touch with her:

ON HER WEBSITE          |          ON SKYPIXEL          |          ON 500PX

Hear Me Roar! © Laurie Rubin_LAR6816
New Beginnings © Laurie Rubin_LAR2467 before
© Laurie Rubin_Elephants and the Dust Devil_LAR9788
Art In The Sand © Laurie Rubin DJI00971
Laurie Bio Pic © Karen Hutton IMG_2267
© Laurie Rubin_Africa Dust Texture