Photographer: Do You Need a 100mpx Camera?

Who in the world needs a ONE HUNDRED Megapixel camera? Why? The camera is the Hasselblad H6D-100c Medium Format DSLR.

Surfing through a photography Facebook group last week, I stumbled across a guy who owns one, and actually earns a living with it. Full disclosure: When I see someone online talking about their newest gear/fanciest widget/shiniest new whatnot, my initial reaction is to tune out. “It’s not about the gear,” I chant in my head, “it’s about skill meeting art.”

This particular guy, though, I couldn’t ignore.

I’ve known Photographer John Hartman for a few years now. Maybe you’ve heard him on The PhotoTellers discuss light painting HERE, or marketing for Photographers HERE. Aside from his time on the show, I’ve shared a couple of meals with John, so I knew two things:

  1. John isn’t the kind of guy to buy gear sheer for fun–he buys an INVESTMENT that he expects to show a (financial) return.
  2. John isn’t trying to “buy” his way into great photography. Some guys buy expensive stuff to compensate for weak work. Not John.

So I pinged John, 32 minutes later we connected on Skype. Today’s episode is that conversation.

2 quick house-keeping notes:

  • This is NOT a sponsored episode.
  • If you’re interested in grabbing your own new Hasselblad, I appreciate you using the affiliate link here:

What can you expect from today’s episode?

  1. Obviously–John’s opinion regarding the Photographer who can most benefit from this camera
  2. Why John says it’s actually not about the megapixels
  3. The benefit of a 15 stop dynamic range
  4. Important insight for the landscape Photographer
  5. How John ran a test-run before he bought the camera
  6. Is it difficult to handle such large files?
  7. Can clients see a difference?
  8. Why does John print so much on metal prints?

If you have questions for John, you want to see this camera in action, and/or you want to explore the world of light painting, join John’s Fall tour of light painting workshops! Learn more by CLICKING HERE, and tell him that The PhotoTellers sent you.

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