A Broken Camera Launches a Legacy in Portrait Photography (Edmonsons, part 1)

A Broken Camera Launches a Legacy in Portrait Photography (Edmonsons, part 1)

David Edmonson has left a significant footprint in the world of Commercial Photography. Now with his son, Luke Edmonson, they’re leaving an enormous footprint in Wedding & Portrait Photography. And the time they spend teaching other Photographers is shaping the future of our craft.

How did this legacy begin?

A broken camera.

David retells the story: A¬† young freelance Photographer, “at the near-food-stamp level,” his camera breaks. His employer responds: “We’re not gonna let you use the NEW camera!” (How would you like to be the guy who said that to THE David Edmonson?!)

When David went home and relayed the story to his own father, David’s dad made an investment in his son. Two generations and thousands of lives later, that legacy thrives today. What was the investment triggered by a broken camera? You’ll find out early in today’s conversation. It’s a beautiful story about a Dad’s belief in his son, and how that belief speaks to the Grandson today.

Get ready for a RICH conversation! David & Luke also discuss:

  • The concept of “paying your dues,” and the painful message it sent to a spouse.
  • Advice to a young Luke from friend Zig Ziglar.
  • The REAL question to ask when you look at success.
  • Luke’s epiphany about Photography and relationships. “Practice the art of shooting with empathy.” This is when “the shackles came off.”
  • The profound “Custodian” concept proffered by William Branson III. This will change how you view your work.
  • The photo of the Bride and Father that she nearly refused–that then became her favorite. “Most families do not have books written about them. A wedding album is the closest thing . . . .” -Luke Edmonson

AND THAT’S ONLY HALF OF THE INTERVIEW! The next episode of The PhotoTellers will be the conclusion.

Study some of the Edmonsons’ photos in the gallery below, and also online by clicking HERE. If you’d like to see some of the non-wedding work that David is creating, find it HERE.

And since they mention their friendship with the great Zig Ziglar, let me suggest one of his classics for you. If you’ve read it, grab a copy as a surprise gift for a friend.


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