A Fireside Chat with Portrait Mentors Tim & Bev Walden: Part 1

A Fireside Chat with Portrait Mentors Tim & Bev Walden: Part 1

You’re welcome.

That’s what I have to say about this, and the following conversation, on The PhotoTellers. You’re welcome.

Very few people in the portrait world have impacted more Photographers than Tim & Bev Walden. Today you’ll hear part 1 of my conversation with 2 great people.

Tim & Bev Walden

Tim & Bev Walden

If you want to be a top-knotch Photographer, listen in! If you want to operate a top-knotch business, listen in! These 2 conversations, while light-hearted and funny, are filled with heavy wisdom. Get your pencil ready!

For what shall thee prepare thyself? Glad you asked . . .

  • When you see a Photography trend running wild, you should run, too! (Which direction?)
  • Why you should release the concern that everyone like what you do.
  • Success through GAPS! How to create gaps between you and other Photographers, and why it matters.
  • Send this link to EVERY Photographer who is new/getting into the business! The Waldens speak very specifically to them.
  • Learn to think of your customers as “cousins.” How will this guide your relationship with the people who pay for your livelihood?
  • This is profound: “If you have my heart, you have me.”  -Bev Walden
  • Why MUST every Photographer define their own unique style?
  • What does it mean to be a “Print Artist,” and how does that answer the question, “Do you sell digital files?”
  • How does a Photographer work with a lab to create beautiful work?

And that’s all for THIS EPISODE. You’ll notice that I abruptly end the conversation . . . stay tuned for the next episode where I finish my talk with Tim & Bev Walden.

In the meantime! Find out what the Waldens are doing to serve other Photographers by clicking HERE.

And we mention the conversations with David Trust of PPA and also Mike Hanline of White House Custom Color Lab. Click their names to go back to those.

Lastly, some of the Walden’s favorite resources. You’ll hear about these in the next conversation, but here are the links now to the books they’ll mention.


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