Peter Hurley, The Headshot Photographer, Needs Your Help

Peter Hurley, The Headshot Photographer, Needs Your Help

Peter Hurley, the Headshot Photographer, needs your help. He goes so far as to say, “I will fly you around the world to shoot headshots with ME!”

What can you expect from today’s conversation?

  • How Peter went from Actor, to Model, to Olympian, to Photographer
  • Meeting Bruce Weber; the impact of someone who LOVES photography, and the power of encouragement
  • The less-than-flattering note from Peter’s High School Photography teacher
  • Advice to the person who wants to make the leap to Full-Time Photographer
  • The worldwide network of Photographers that Peter is growing to do the work he’s doing
  • Peter’s specialty is NOT headshots–it’s DIRECTION. What does that mean?
  • PsyPhotology–what is this? & the TEDx talk
  • How to create better headshots of anyone. The resource for exactly what to say to get the best from your subject
  • How is Sophia Vergara different than most people in front of the camera?
  • What are the 2 things that Peter HATES to hear Photographers say to their subjects?
  • Peter’s advice to people who want to be models and/or actors

“People become so much more attractive when they’re having fun in front of the camera, rather than when they’re worried about the outcome.”  -Peter Hurley

Would you like to join Peter’s team on the Headshot Crew? Start by CLICKING HERE.

You want to learn more about PsyPhotology, right? Of course. CLICK HERE. Not that you’re asking, but I “Own It!”

Find the tools that Peter uses by CLICKING HERE.

Learn more about the iconic Bruce Weber HERE.

Discover the work of Ramiro Montoya HERE.

Need to learn how Peter creates the work he does, including how he directs his subjects? Click below to grab his book from Amazon. You’ll also find the link to some of Bruce Weber’s work.

And the TEDx talk that Peter mentions? Join the 3 million people who have watched the show:


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