After Only 3 Months, It’s Time to Change the Fireside Network

After Only 3 Months, It’s Time to Change the Fireside Network

Our kids, they just grow up so fast! After only 3 months, the Fireside Network is a tween! Much, much, much faster than we anticipated, we’ve reached Phase 2 of the Network. It’s time to change to accommodate our growing pains.

Today’s show takes 10 minutes to explain 5 items. During the monologue, I mention a few links:

1. Why the Fireside Network? If it’s unclear about the relationship between The PhotoTellers, Before They Performed, Face the H, and the Fireside Network–this will help.

2. New contributor to the PhotoTellers: Mr. Russ Harrington! Russ is the A-list Photographer to A-list musicians in Nashville. Find his show, coming soon, here on the PhotoTellers. Follow Russ, and learn how you can catch his educational resources at

What are folks saying about Russ? . . . a few words about Russ from Reba, Brooks & Dunn, and Michael W. Smith. For the sake of space, I’m omitting the ones from Brian Setzer & Amy Grant. You get the idea.

And if you want to hear a little more from Russ, CLICK HERE for the previously-published conversation on The PhotoTellers.

3. Face the H. Will your “elevator pitch” survive the critical ear of an 11-year-old? Hear your host explain his own show in less than 1 minute HERE. #FearTheHawk

The changes are thanks to YOU! Know that we appreciate you tuning in, and sharing with your friends.

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