Art Meripol’s Photographic Journey on The US Civil Rights Trail

Art Meripol’s Photographic Journey on The US Civil Rights Trail


Art Meripol

Twenty four years shooting for Southern Living magazine, plus more years freelancing, Photographer Art Meripol has spent his career photographing magnificent places, intriguing people, and fantastic food! As of this writing, he is concluding his most rewarding project to date: Civil Rights historian.

On this episode of The PhotoTellers, Art explains his photographic role working with The US Civil Rights Trail. You’ll learn this Photographer’s role as a historian, as well as:

  • How the project went from Alabama, to the United Nations, to 14 states
  • What is the trail? What is the purpose?
  • The personal impact of the project on Art himself
  • How a Photographer who loves “joy and beauty” takes a journey through some of America’s ugliest days

As with my previous conversation with Art, I can’t help but hear the same attitude: This guy is grateful to be a Photographer! If you know someone that is considering photography as a career, send them this link!

His eclectic career has taken him to scores of concerts where he’s photographed superstars [find that work HERE].

And that same eclectic ride has taken him throughout the state of Alabama to photograph some of the state’s (the country’s?) best Barbecue!!! At the end of the conversation, you’ll hear us discuss the uniqueness of Alabama BBQ. Grab a copy of the book below.

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And 2 more affiliate links to the books that Art mentions in the prologue to our conversation:

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