The Massive Difference Between Big “S” Success and small “s” success

The massive difference between big s success and small s succss

Have you taken the bait about the idea of “success”?

The conversation about success being a measure of your bank account, titles, achievements, championships, kids, summer homes, bank account size, profitable ventures, accolades, is….correct.

So too is the conversation about success a measure of who you are on the inside. How you feel, how you view life, how you experience what you’re creating.

Both of these things are correct, because both of these things are beliefs.

Here’s the tricky part: pursuing one at the expense of the other leads to breakdown.

I bet you can guess the order in which that happens!

I’m here to introduce the idea of the Big “S” Success and small “s” success, and to reveal what happens when we chase one at the expense of the other.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The massive difference between Big “S” Success and little “s” success
  • How to experience true abundance
  • The result of pursuing small “s” success at the cost of Big “S” Success

Powerful quotes

Your greatest success isn’t in what you achieve. It’s in your relationship with that achievement and who you became in the process.

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