A Personal Note from Bill Ramsey to The PhotoTellers

A Personal Note from Bill Ramsey to The PhotoTellers

Carson Ramsey on The PhotoTellers

When Your Little Boy Grabs the Mantle of Manhood

I don’t consider myself a private person, but I’m not one to readily volunteer information about myself. I’m quick to answer questions, or give an opinion, but only when I’m asked.

So today’s post is vulnerable for me. I have to tell you–it’s been a rough 17 months at the Ramsey household.

In February of 2016, my dad died. July of that year (almost 1 year to the day of this post), my wife’s dad died.

Eight days ago, I stood by a hospital bed in Kansas City as my Grandfather died.

It’s been a rough 17 months.

I respected my Grandfather more than anyone. As I process through the loss, I just wrote a blog about another young man I respect more than almost anyone–my firstborn son, Carson.

It’s somewhat an homage to my Grandfather, but it’s REALLY an homage to my son. I believe that every boy wants the honor and blessing of his father, so I’m writing to make it as public as possible.

So I’m shamelessly asking for your help. Will you help me honor my son? I’d like the tale of his deeds to spread as far as possible. Will you share this story with others? Amidst a flood of stories about listless, self-indulgent teens, there are countless who are extraordinary. Carson is one of them. Please share this post.

HOMAGE. It’s really a beautiful word, and a powerful act. “Special honor or respect shown publicly.”

The story is in the link above.

This is my homage to Carson. Go and do likewise for someone.



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