on the Impact of an App for Photographers on the Impact of an App for Photographers

Photographer: Have you considered how an App could promote your business . . . and also lead to more sales? Dave McCalley & Michelle Keenan of have a message for you. They kindly sat down with me at Texas School 2016 to discuss how Photographers are using the services of HINT: They can also help you with post-production, album design, online galleries, and lab products.

We begin our conversation delving into sports (Michelle) and Jazz music (Dave). If you want to skip past that part (which would be too bad), click ahead to the 6:40 mark.

Below is an excerpt from my conversation with Michelle & Dave. They discuss the “either/or” dichotomy between sales and also between products.


MICHELLE: What we’re finding is for those in-person-sales studios that are afraid to do online sales, or just do a little bit, what they’re finding is it’s not just in studio OR the online gallery. It’s both. So were enriching the possibilities of their business to make more money by offering in-studio sales, face-to-face, where you can make the most money; extending it with the online image galleries so that they [the client] have additional ways to make purchases from those images that they’ve taken. And then you have your Apps to extend it even further.

With the shoot burn photographer, it’s okay to sell products. We have photographers who have lost a lot of hope for products and in portraits hanging on the wall and taking the art out of it. And so they’re coming back and saying . . . go ahead and post your images, create some traffic. And what they’re finding is that people DO want prints, they just don’t know where to go to get them.

And then your new photographers, we supply a platform for them to host their images and get their branding out there and build confidence so that they can share their art . . . . It’s scary for them to to put their work out there and see what they’re gonna get back.

DAVE: Bill, what you hear Michelle saying is: What we hear alot in the industry is “EITHER/OR.” It’s either online sales or in person sales. It’s either lab products or digital products. And what we really believe is a lot of this is an AND. It’s not an OR. And we’re looking for ways to blend these to help maximize the success of these studios.


Texas School of Professional Photography

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