Cris Duncan on the Business of Portrait Photography: Connecting!

Cris Duncan on the Business of Portrait Photography: Connecting!

“We’re in the business of connecting with somebody in a way that other jobs just can’t.” -Cris Duncan

Sip slowly your coffee, portrait Photographer, and listen to Cris Duncan’s reflections on his career.

  • Do you wonder if your craft can make a difference in the lives of others? Hear the story of Cris’ most memorable moment in photography . . . resulting in the photo of the beautiful girl below.
  • How can you keep a fresh eye for each client? Heed the sage advice Cris learned from the great Tony Corbell.
  • Learn the lesson that Cris learned as a first-time Instructor at the Texas School of Professional Photography.

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This is a brief conversation, but I’ve been fortunate to hear more from Cris in another episode of The PhotoTellers (6 Things Every Photographer Should Know). Find it here.

And if you haven’t already, connect with Cris!

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  • ethantweedie says:


    Great interview with Cris!!!

    It was an honor and a joy to be in Cris and Deanna’s class this past Texas School! Both he and Deanna worked so hard to make the class fun, educational and real world. I loved what he had to say about not comparing yourself to other photographers, be your own person and put your own stamp on your photography.


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