David Edmonson on Photography and the Old Masters

David Edmonson on Photography and the Old Masters

“If you really want to grow as a Photographer, don’t study other Photographers. Study the old Masters.”

This tidbit of advice has shaped David Edmonson’s illustrious photography career. It’s the advice that has led him to creating his best work. It’s the advice that has produced a living photographic master.

David graciously agreed to join me for another conversation on The PhotoTellers. In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • David’s “WHY?” for being a Photographer
  • Fascinating historical details about Vincent van Gogh and Vermeer
  • The gift from Luke to his dad–the Artist in Residence’s 1,000 day project
  • The 2 qualities that David loves in other Photographers

See some of the stellar wedding work that David & Luke are creating HERE.

Photographer–do you want David to “adopt you?” CLICK HERE.

Learn more about the 1,000 day project, and how you can personally participate by clicking the logo below.


“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” -Vincent van Gogh

Here’s a brief segment where David explains why he’s a Photographer.


BILL: What is your why? Why are you a photographer?

DAVID: Well, that’s very simple. The why is . . . that I want to love on people, I want to have influence in their lives, and I have the excuse of carrying a camera. Everything that I do now at this stage in my life actually the images that I create myself are–the “why?” is–they’re for my children; they’re for my grandchildren. I’m a terrible writer–I’m ADD and dyslexic as most artists are–and I compose terrible letters. But I think I can tell a story in pictures.

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