What Did CEO Herb Kelleher Teach This Photographer?

What Did CEO Herb Kelleher Teach This Photographer?

David Stiff, today’s guest on The PhotoTellers, spent much of his career working for Southwest Airlines. While there, David enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with Co-Founder & former CEO Herb Kelleher. David’s opinion of his former boss?

“Herb Kelleher is the most incredible human being that I have ever met in my life.”

Why such an esteemed opinion? What fundamental lesson did David learn from Herb?

“Herb instilled in all of us the desire to love, care and respect others; and that we are here to serve others.”

David Stiff on The PhotoTellers podcast

If you spend much time with David, you’ll find him filled with wonder, and filled with great stories! Among the tales of his time at Southwest is David’s story of astronaut Robert “Hoot” Gibson–and the photo of Hoot taken from the Mir space station by a Russian cosmonaut.  Then there’s the emotional story of the “bus kid,” and how his life changed from the kindness of a Dallas, TX, newsman.

You’ll also hear why David insists on creating work that’s just plain fun–even when he’s not being paid. And he gives his strong opinion about competition & professionalism among Photographers.

Special thanks to The Texas School of Professional Photography for this episode! You’ll hear David’s reaction after his first year in attendance. Click the logo below to see what the fuss is all about.

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