“Go To Work,” or “Live Your Calling?” Jeff Goins says Do Both.

“Go To Work,” or “Live Your Calling?” Jeff Goins says Do Both.

Can “Going to Work” and “Living My Calling” be the same thing? Jeff Goins, today’s guest, says, “YES!” And apparently, the message speaks loudly! He is the author of The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do. Within weeks of publication, the book hit almost every respected “Best Seller” list.

Have you ever considered the work you do, and asked yourself, “Is this really all there is? Can’t I do something MEANINGFUL?” If so, this conversation is for YOU. In fact, this is the conversation that 87% of American workers need to hear.

“This is not the book I intended to write, it’s the book that I was supposed to write.” -Jeff Goins

WARNING: This is likely a conversation that you’ll want to go back and re-listen. And as you think of the people in your world that need to hear it . . . send them the link! Share on your social media platform!

A few highlights from my conversation with Jeff:

  • “You can’t plan your purpose, but there are some things that you can do to prepare for it.”
  • The theme “My calling was not the thing that I planned for . . . in many ways, my calling was the thing that happened when the plan went horribly wrong.”
  • “My biggest fear is not failure . . . it’s success at the wrong thing.”
  • “I believe that everyone has a calling, and we will spend our lives unfolding what that looks like.”
  • What is the “Portfolio Life?”
  • Does “calling” only apply to people who consider themselves persons of faith?
  • What do 87% of the world’s workers have in common?
  • Wanna make a change? Learn to “listen to your life.”
  • “The past doesn’t dictate your future, but it should inform it.” Click to Tweet
  • What would YOUR life say to you if it said, “This is who you are, without you realizing it.” What did it say to Jeff? How did he get to the point to listen?
  • What tool on Jeff’s blog is ESPECIALLY helpful for Photogs?
  • “The best advice I ever got was get __________.”
  • Which chapter has been the favorite of 80-90% of readers?

If you’d like to take the book for a free test drive, and also tap into a few hundred dollars of free resources, CLICK HERE.

And if writing is your passion, or profession, Jeff is the guy to know about. [Notice how I used the Passive Voice AND ended that sentence with a preposition!] Connect with Jeff at his insanely popular site: Goins, writer.

Finally: You’ll hear Jeff mention a few authors and books (naturally). Click a link below and it can soon be yours. And surely you noticed the link to Jeff’s book above, right? Good.

[Jeff’s headshot courtesy of Ashley Goins]