How To Critique Photography with Luke Edmonson

Luke Edmonson on The PhotoTellers podcast

Is it possible to more effectively critique your own photography? Can you learn to genuinely appreciate work that you genuinely don’t like? Can a few guidelines help you better understand your own–and others’–work? Luke Edmonson, today’s guest on The PhotoTellers seems to think so.

My conversation with Luke divides into two sections. We first discuss the process for evaluating our own photography–how do we “get out of our own way?” We then transition to judging the work of other photographers, and Luke’s call for help. If you have been, or want to be, a judge of a formal photographic competition, the second section is for you.

Along the way, Luke and I explore:

  • Other than photography–Luke’s coolest job
  • “All opinions have value, but not all opinions are equally valuable, because not all opinions are equally informed.”
  • The concept of “enlightened cherishing”
  • What is Luke’s process for evaluating an image–and how can we apply it to our own work?
  • Impact,and then the Universal impact of a work
  • How does the Photographer control the context of how his/her work is viewed?
  • How do we learn to appreciate work that we don’t like?
  • Why enter print competition?
  • Luke’s opinion of character traits for an ineffective judge/for an awesome judge

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Luke concludes our conversation with an interesting discussion of FEAR. How can we transition our fear into a fear of missing out? Check the last few minutes to hear more.

I mention the course I’m attending with Luke and his father David Edmonson: January 28-30, 2019. Interested in this event, or maybe the next one? LEARN MORE HERE.

Find out what’s happening at WPPI by clicking HERE.

Learn about the WPPI awards competition HERE.

And as Luke referenced, you can find WPPI on their Facebook page, and also the Judges Pool & Training.



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