Epic Challenge: Walking Into My Authentic Self with Sandy Chambers

On today’s episode we explore another EPIC CHALLENGE!

This time I’m sitting down with my great friend Sandy Chambers as we explore her current challenge: Who do I need to be to feel powerful, healthy and light in my body, and graduate to the Intermediate playing field in the YourDay Balance Game*?

Sandy holds nothing back as she shares why she considers this challenge EPIC, the feedback she received about how she can power through her epic challenge, and the actions she has taken to heal and grow.

Some of the things we discuss in this episode may not be for young ears. We talk about some grown folks stuff here!

*The YourDay Balance Game is a world class health and fitness game that is governed by balance and love. The YourDay Balance Game (YDBG) has three dimensions (Fitness, Lifestyle and Consciousness) and each of these three dimensions can be measured (through the Gameday, Balance Chart and COI respectively). The fitness assessment (Gameday) measures body composition, strength, endurance and flexibility. There are 5 levels in the Gameday (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro and All Star) with the requirements and exercises in each growing in difficulty as you progress. Sandy is currently a Beginner player in her Gameday, and a major part of her current Epic Challenge is who she needs to be to graduate to the Intermediate level.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Sandy open up on her current Epic Challenge and why she’s sought feedback
  • The three major areas to address in order to move through the challenge
  • Some very intentional and powerful actions Sandy has gotten into to create a new experience for herself

Powerful quote

Get out of the act and into the connection!

Notes from this episode:


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