Eric Pickersgill’s REMOVED Photography Project and The Life You’re Ignoring

Eric Pickersgill’s REMOVED Photography Project and The Life You’re Ignoring

Eric Pickersgill, photo by his awesome wife, Angie Pickersgill

Eric Pickersgill. Photo by his awesome wife, Angie Pickersgill

Photographer Eric Pickersgill’s REMOVED project has gone viral. Like thousands of others, I first saw his work online–and it haunted me.

The project dramatically altered his career, landed him on the stage of a TEDx talk, and has reignited the conversation about our relationships to our cell devices.

Amidst the whirlwind, Eric graciously sat down for a conversation on The PhotoTellers. Today you’ll hear the story behind a Photographer with a large format camera who captures us without our portable devices.

“A common theme in my photography IS PHOTOGRAPHY.” -Eric Pickersgill

What can you expect to hear?

  • How did the identity of “Photographer” help him shed his teen anxiety?
  • The scene in a restaurant, a detached Mom, and cell phones that spawned the project.
  • How have the subjects in the photos reacted before and after the work?
  • How does life change when one of your projects goes viral?
  • How do you know it’s time to hire an agent?
  • Should you sell your fine art work through your own website, or a gallery?
  • What has this craft of Photography given him?

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Julie Grahame        Since my conversation with Eric, I’ve also interviewed Julie! Hold on for a gripping conversation, coming this week! [HINT: If you’d like to work with Julie, tell her that you listened to the show and she’ll take 20% off!]      Here you’ll see much more of Eric’s work!