Erin Babnik: Art History & the Legacy of Landscape Photography

Erin Babnik: Art History & the Legacy of Landscape Photography

Erin Babnik, Art Historian and stellar Landscape Photographer, addresses the question, “How will modern landscape photography rate in the realm of Art History?”

Oftentimes, the best photographs really come out of moments we weren’t expecting at all. Things we just notice. Tweet: Oftentimes, the best #photographs really come out of moments we weren't expecting at all. @ErinBabnik Babnik

She also provides insight into her world as a female in a male-dominated field. What advice does she give to other women who want to work as landscape photographers? Tune in to hear.

I also pose the question that my 11 year old demands that I ask all accomplished nature Photogs: “What advice would you give a kid who wants to make a living doing what you do?” It’s great advice for anyone 11 years old–and older!

Finally–learn how the formal study of Art History shapes Erin’s view of her own work.

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Lastly: Erin is the newest contributor to the Photo Cascadia Blog. If you have ANY INTEREST WHATSOEVER in nature/landscape Photography, visit that blog 3 times for every time you visit a coffee shop. Awesome education–FREE–from an elite group of Photogs.

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