Getting More Out Of Life By Working Smarter, Not Harder (Rebroadcast)

Getting More Out Of Life By Working Smarter, Not Harder (Rebroadcast)

In today’s episode I’m sharing with you my tried and tested process for being more productive and feeling more fulfilled, by working smarter and not harder.

I have been somewhat obsessed with productivity and work efficiency ever since graduating college. Once I jumped into the working world and realized that I could easily eat up 12 hours of my day on menial tasks and still not feel like I had really done anything, I got to work developing a better system for myself.

I read articles and books, watched people’s “life hack” tips, tried anything that seemed like it might work for me.

Many things did not work, but a few did.

Years later, I’m now in a new place in my life where being efficient and producing a lot in a short period of time is extremely important. I’m a father to a 13 month old baby girl, I run multiple businesses from home, and I produce 2 podcasts. All of this happens from my house.

On top of that, I frequently have solo daddy-baby time while Sarah is out training clients. So my windows of free time are slim.

But that hasn’t stopped me from taking on new and bigger projects, it has only encouraged me to hone a productivity system that worked for me.

In this episode I’m sharing with you the system that Sarah and I currently are using to maximize our productivity in our lives. This system is very similar to the one used by John Lee Dumas — the host and creator of Entrepreneur On Fire, and a guy who is known to publish 7 podcasts a week while running his EOFire empire (which is pretty darn large). He does all of this with a very small tea working less than 4 hours a day.

John was an early guest on this podcast, and even though we talked about productivity then, I didn’t realize that our strategies to maximize our output were similar.

So check out the episode and I hope you walk away from it with some actionable tips you can put to use right away to regain time, feel more productive, and truly Have It A.L.L..

Notes from this episode:

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