H & “The Art of World Travel, Gourmet Food & Fine Wines”

H & “The Art of World Travel, Gourmet Food & Fine Wines”

Walter Eagleton of ARTISTIC GOURMET ADVENTURES recently visited our home and took a few minutes to sit down and Face the H. Tune in to hear how well Walter explains the purpose of his trips to France (and soon Scotland!).

Walter has long been an accomplished Photographer. Why, then, would he and his wife, Kim, embark on this adventure?

  1. Learn who inspired it all
  2. Hear the advice that Walter would give to his 11 year old self
  3. Discover how Walter started cooking

Have you ever been mid-conversation and simply frozen? You don’t know what to say? In today’s episode you’ll see it happen to H. He blanks out, mid-conversation, on anything to ask! Watch as H rolls through his mind to find THE right question to ask.

HINT: It is ALWAYS the most important question!

Learn more about Walter in 2 places:

  1. His recent interview on The PhotoTellers
  2. On his website, HERE

If you’re enjoying the show, please follow Face the H on his YouTube channel. There’s many more to come!

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