His 1st Photo, Created at Age 12, Launched This Renowned Photographer

His 1st Photo, Created at Age 12, Launched This Renowned Photographer

The photograph above is the first one created by 12-year-old Gregory Daniel. Now, decades later, “. . . every image I do today has a little piece of him.”
Greg and Lisa Today, Gregory & Lesa Daniel are members of some of the world’s most prestigious photographic societies. It started when Greg, a 12 year old kid, suffering an injury that forced him into a Photography class instead of sports.

“As part of the course, we had to develop a roll of film,” he explains. That, by default, required SHOOTING a roll of film. Stay through the end of the conversation to hear Greg explain how his subject, the gentleman in the photo, “breathed the life of Photography–into ME!” Click to Tweet

Along the way, you’ll hear how Greg & Lesa met. It’s likely the world’s most tired, overused, trite story: “The first time I saw her, I was working on the Space Shuttle . . . .”

[Literally. He was actually working on the Space Shuttle.]

You’ll also hear how the art world has shaped Greg & Lesa’s work–starting with the difference between an $80,000 artwork and one that’s $4,000.

A few other quotable quotes from today’s episode:

“The purpose of this [interview] has been to make you uncomfortable.”

“Create a business that you love, and that you love to live in, and live through your business.”

“Don’t quit your day job.”

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