How To Discover Your Life’s Work with Jullien Gordon

How to discover your life's work with Jullien Gordon - The Digital Marketing Guy Podcast

“It’s impossible to be passive about life and have a passionate life at the same time.” – Jullien Gordon

Jullien knows what it’s like to chase the American Dream. The nice car, big house, the titles and list of personal accomplishments, all of these things drove Jullien at one point in his life. The result was an addiction – Jullien became a workaholic.

Through intentional self-work and self-discovery, Jullien overcame his workaholism, and now helps others do the same.

Today, Jullien coaches entrepreneurs on how to create more Happy Hours in their lives. He is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, husband and father. But no matter what role he inhabits, Jullien is always seeking his own personal greatness.

What you’ll hear in today’s episode:

  • The difference between chasing work-life balance and uncovering your Life’s Work.
  • The new meaning of Happy Hours.
  • Jullien’s thoughts on gratitude and instructions to create more abundance in your life.
  • Why defining success for yourself is instrumental to creating it in your life.

Notes from the episode:

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