How To Succeed in Boudoir Photography with Jen Rozenbaum

How To Succeed in Boudoir Photography with Jen Rozenbaum

Having photographed over 1,000 women, Jen Rozenbaum knows a few things about making women look their best in front of the camera.

And it also doesn’t hurt that long before she picked up a camera, she’d spent her life studying art.

Maybe you’re one of the tens-of-thousands of Photographers that Jen has helped; maybe this is the first time you’ve met her. Either way, WELCOME! What can you expect from today’s conversation?

  • Hear Jen’s answer to what seems like an obvious question: “What IS boudoir photography?” Click to Tweet!
  • Why her famous hashtag? #shamelesslyfeminine
  • Learn Jen’s “8 points of posing”
  • Jen minimizes the concept of “posing,” focuses on “proportion.” What’s the difference?
  • Learn the concept of yin/yang in boudoir photography
  • Hear Jen’s surprising answer, and her own personal experience, to the gender question: “Can MEN be effective in this field?”
  • Pick up a few in-camera tricks for creative photos
  • Jen discusses the impact of writing a book on her career as a Photographer

And speaking of her book!!! Along with her other accolades, Jen is also a published author! Learn what you can expect from her new book, published by Amherst Media: The Boudoir Photography Cookbook: 60 Recipes for Tempting Photos.

Click the link below to grab your copy from Amazon. [NOTE: that’s an affiliate link, and yes, I DO make a buck or two if  you buy through that link. So please & thank you.]

Skip over to Jen’s website to find more resources; including her Wardrobe Guide, instructional materials, and some free educational resources . . . simply CLICK HERE.


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