“I Can’t F*&%$#@ Do This” – Breaking Your Fear Patterns Once And For All

“I Can’t F*&%$#@ Do This” - Breaking Your Fear Patterns Once And For All

By now you might have heard of the Tony Robbins documentary “I am not your guru”. It’s been making its way around Netflix and the internet. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you give it a watch

Well, I checked it out the other day and can honestly say that few other documentaries have inspired me as much as this one.

It wasn’t Tony Robbins who inspired me. I love his approach to personal transformation. I love how raw and real he is. I love his boldness and that he’s not  afraid to call people on their bullshit. All of that makes for some compelling tv!

But no, it wasn’t Tony who inspired me.

Instead, I was inspired by the people in the documentary who recognized their opportunity for breakthrough, and boldly stepped into it.

This happens a handful of times in the documentary, and each time it’s amazing to watch them process the situation, become aware of their breakthrough moment, analyze the risk/reward, confront the terror that comes up, and take ACTION!

This episode is about what it really takes to experience a breakthrough in your life. To get unstuck. To start experiencing things in a dramatically different way. It takes action. It takes movement. It takes getting out of your head and getting into your heart and doing something that you know to be the best move for you, but scares you shitless.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 3 inspiring examples of people stepping into their opportunity for breakthrough
  • The critical importance of taking ACTION to experience breakthrough

Notes from this episode:

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