“I put my camera down . . . and delivered her baby.”

“I put my camera down . . . and delivered her baby.”

“I put my camera down at the last minute and delivered her baby.” -Kathy Drake Dabbs

Kathy Drake Dabbs on The PhotoTellers

Kathy Drake Dabbs on The PhotoTellers

This month, Kathy Drake Dabbs celebrates the 20th birthday of her photography studio! When I asked her about the fondest memory from those years, she gave me the quote above. How did she end up in that situation? Take a few minutes to listen.

Are you a Photographer who finds him/herself giving away too much work–and therefore struggling to maintain a viable business? Kathy knows how you feel, and speaks directly to you.

You can see some of Kathy’s beautiful work below, and you can see more of what she’s doing by clicking HERE.

Special thanks to The Texas School of Professional Photography for sponsoring this episode. If you haven’t done it yet, click the logo below to see the line-up of top-tier instructors coming in 2016. If you’re a portrait Photographer, you owe it to yourself to at least CONSIDER a week of fun, friends, and education at TX School.


And you hear Kathy talk about the amazing difference that PPA’s Studio Management Services made in her life. If you’d like to learn more . . . CLICK HERE.

FINALLY: Not that you asked, but below you’llĀ  find a link to THE classic book for anyone who owns their own business. I often call this book “the secret handshake between business owners.”

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