Boudoir Photographer Jen Rozenbaum on Business and Battling Cancer

Boudoir Photographer Jen Rozenbaum on Business and Battling Cancer

Jen Rozenbaum on The PhotoTellers podcast

Imagine this: You’re a successful Photographer, TEDx speaker, instructor, wife, and mother. Your career is exploding as you joyously create the portfolio life that you love. Then two words change your life: Breast Cancer. It’s been just over 8 months since Jen Rozenbaum’s diagnosis. She’s been transparent about her ups and downs through the struggle, and she kindly joins The PhotoTellers to answer even more questions.


  1. Want to learn about success in boudoir photography (yes, we talk business)
  2. Love Jen and want to hear more about her journey
  3. Are wondering what to say–and not say–to someone struggling with cancer

If you missed the first conversation here with Jen, CLICK HERE.

A few more teasers from this episode:

  • “What is feminism?”
  • “The pictures are secondary . . . the pictures are a souvenier.” -Jenn
  • One of the most memorable stories from her career.
  • The difference between successful and non-successful boudoir photographers (it’s not about skill).
  • Her favorite resources: why musicians and chefs?
  • Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure book
  • Giving meaning to “disease”
  • How to stop your own mental downhill spiral: “Flipping the script”
  • 3 things not to say to someone who has cancer
  • Her Wonder Woman photo: power of the vision photos give us

See Jen and connect with her {and grab a free guide to her top 5 selling poses} by CLICKING HERE.

My conversation with Bryan Peterson, author of one of Jen’s favorite books HERE [link to his book below]


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