Sharpen Your Life: Help from Author Joe Jordan

Sharpen Your Life: Help from Author Joe Jordan

Joe Jordan on The PhotoTellers podcast

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Sit back with a pen and paper for an inspiring, challenging, practical episode of The PhotoTellers. Have you ever felt “stuck” in your personal and/or professional life? Do you sometimes feel unprepared to confront the pressure of life? Would you like to learn a balanced response to the stressors in your life? If so, Joe Jordan, Author of Sharpen Your Life: 52 Strategic Moments to Create a Lifetime of Success, has a message for you!

Every few months I’m proud to publish what I call a “Bonus Episode.” The Bonus Episodes are those where the guest isn’t a Photographer, or even discussing Photography specifically. I bring these conversations because I believe the topic & guest will be of service to you. So as you listen to Joe, I’m sure you’ll have some of your friends–Photographers and otherwise–that come to mind. Share this conversation with them! And grab a digital copy of Joe’s book by clicking the link below.

Sharpen Your Life: 52 Strategic Moments to Create a Lifetime of Success

“People don’t fall apart because of life’s pressures. They fall apart because they respond to life’s pressures with inadequate resources.” -Joe Jordan

What can you expect from my talk with Joe?

  • It’s been a book 30 years in the making–what is the message that’s taken this long to share?
  • Joe’s message to anyone to blames circumstances on “life”
  • Why this is NOT a book about investing in your business
  • What are the key areas that one should focus on for their own personal development?
  • The myth of managing time
  • How to develop the internal strength to counteract the external stress of life
  • The lesson from the life, then death, of Ronald Reagan
  • How to hone your intellectual life
  • How do you see past your own blind spots and see what you’re REALLY wired to do?
  • 3 criteria to determine your value to a company (yes, it applies to the business owner, too!)
  • How–and WHY–you should think of yourself as a business within your business
  • The 3rd grade teacher’s brilliant advice on researching a difficult topic

Learn more about Joe Jordan and the work he’s doing by CLICKING HERE.

Here’s a teaser clip where Joe discusses stress & how we handle it:


JOE: The recognition that I think that many folks miss is the belief we “manage stress,” and I think that’s one of the the biggest misunderstandings in having a business or dealing with life. People don’t fall apart because of life’s pressures, they fall part because they respond to life’s pressures with inadequate resources. The analogy I use in managing stress is: “Stop trying to manage stress! Create an equalizing force.” We’re like a balloon. What keeps a balloon inflated is that it has a force equal or greater inside [as] the pressure that is on it from the outside.

The only way we are able to maintain ourselves, and the stress of having a business, the stress of all the things that folks are dealing with everyday, is to create that equalizing force internally that enables us to have the resources we need to deal with–quite honestly, many things we can’t manage; that we have no control over. I always love it when someone says, “Well, you need to reduce the stressors in your life,” when probably 50-75% of the stressors in our life–we have no control over!


You hear me reference the brilliant Ashley Brooke of Ashley Brooke Designs. Here’s the link to my conversation with her:

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