Photographer John Hartman on the Thrill of Light Painting

Photographer John Hartman on the Thrill of Light Painting

Almost 2 years ago, I interviewed Photographer John Hartman about his newfound love of light painting. [Find that conversation HERE.] One year later, I checked in to see how his passion had progressed. Turns out, his passion has grown . . . and become financially lucrative.

He’s in year 43 of professional photography, and he now says, “I’m having more fun making photographs than I’ve ever had in my life.”  Why? He gladly explains on this episode of The PhotoTellers. He also discusses:

  • How he gets inspiration from amateurs. Why are they often better than working pros to show off creativity?
  • How he’s developed a niche for light painting clients’ “toys”
  • Why is Light Painting so challenging? Why does he love it? What is the “psychological advantage” to this kind of work?
  • The greatest answer to “What project do you REALLY want to do?”

Intrigued to see more? See more of his before and after work HERE.

If you’d like to connect with John, and see some of what he’s offering to Photographers, find that HERE.

Finally: John specifically mentions three resources he loves. Here they are:

Marco Grobe

Joey Lawrence

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