How Kibbee Walton Successfully Sells Wall Portraits of HS Seniors

How Kibbee Walton Successfully Sells Wall Portraits of HS Seniors

Kibbee Walton on The PhotoTellers podcast

If you photograph children and/or High School Seniors, today’s conversation with Kibbee Walton is critical for you! This is the interview at Texas School that left me itching to get home to photography my own children. Be certain to hang on until the very end! After we finished our conversation, I had to turn the microphone back on to capture some of our off-air banter. In my opinion, the last 2 minutes are the most profound. 

What can you expect from this episode of The PhotoTellers?

  • Do you photograph High School Seniors, but can’t seem to sell wall portraits?
  • Do you know WHY this time for a portrait is one of the most critical?
  • What is the most powerful question to ask the client BEFORE the session?
  • In Kibbee’s opinion, what are the 5 critical times to create a “library of portraits” for your children?
  • Do you know HOW and WHY you should conduct a pre-session consultation?
  • What is the subtle message that a family portrait conveys to the children in that home?

Texas School of Professional Photography

I hope you enjoy this conversation of business acumen–and personal inspiration–as much as I did.

Check out Kibbee’s work–and a great “about us” video on HIS WEBSITE HERE. Or find him ON FACEBOOK. Or TWITTER.

And the books he mentions? Snag a copy by clicking one of the links below.





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