Laurie Klein on Infrared Photography, Study with Ansel Adams, and Finding a Mentor

Laurie Klein on Infrared Photography, Study with Ansel Adams, and Finding a Mentor


Photographer Laurie Klein has spent over 40 years in the business, written 3 books, and studied with Ansel Adams. How does she describe her work?

“I am a nature photographer. I just happen to put people in landscapes.”

As if that’s not unique enough, most of her work is infrared.

Today’s conversation on The PhotoTellers is inspiring, challenging, and helpful. What can you expect? Here are just a few teasers:

  • Laurie’s answer when I ask, “What would surprise people about Ansel?”
  • Her love affair with Photography, “my oldest relationship.”
  • Advice for finding a mentor–the tension between emulating someone else and being true to yourself
  • The collaboration between her, nature, and her model
  • Who should NOT come to her workshops
  • A story of her own healing moment during a session
  • “I want to do more healing work through Photography.” What does she mean?

We discuss 2 of Laurie’s images during the show. Here’s a quick blurb about one of them, and Laurie’s explanation why she photographs the female form:

LAURIE: To me, photography is a mirror, and that’s how we work out things. So I work out body image, I work out being a mom, being pregnant, being all these things that we are as women. And we’re very strong. This photograph–look at the muscles on this woman! WOMEN: they are soft and vulnerable and at the same time strong and epic.

Be sure to scroll down to see the 2 images we discuss.

At this point, I know what you’re thinking. “Bill, how can I see more of Laurie’s work? Where can I find the help she’s giving other Photographers?” Brilliant questions!


And here is where you can find her books, as well as the title she mentions in the interview:

Texas School of Professional Photography


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