The Law Of Attraction – A Down To Earth Approach To Positive Thinking

the law of attraction

In today’s episode I’m sharing my thoughts on The Law Of Attraction. I talk about why it’s controversial, share my thoughts on it, and give you some practical advice on how to put The Law Of Attraction to use in your life.

If you’ve heard of or read “The Secret”, then you probably know about The Law Of Attraction.

If you haven’t, well here’s what it is: the ability to attract into your life whatever it is you focus on.

If you think it, you can manifest it.

You can see why it’s a concept that tons of people gravitate towards and put into practice into their lives.

But on the flip side, you can also see why many folks think it’s a load of BS.

(“So you’re saying if I want a million dollars then all I need to do is think about it? That’s delusional.”)

My feelings on The Law Of Attraction fall somewhere in the middle, and in this episode I unpack my thoughts about it as well as some practical ways for you to make The Law Of Attraction work in your life.



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