Lori Nordstrom: Maximizing Profits in Photography

Lori Nordstrom: Maximizing Profits in Photography

Do you dream of being a portrait Photographer? Is your own portrait business struggling? Is your business driving a wedge between you and your loved ones? Is your love for Photography waning in the struggle of trying to run a successful business? Do you wish that your gift of Photography could benefit those in dire need?

Today’s conversation is for you!

Working as a portrait Photographer for 20+ years, Lori Nordstrom has shared her guidance in all 50 United States as well as internationally. She has compiled her teaching into a fantastic book: Maximizing Profits – A Practical Guide for Portrait Photographers, which has just been released. On today’s episode she shares her personal story from struggle to success to giving back.

Who else should listen to today’s episode?

*Women struggling to balance family life and a photography business
*Anyone wondering, “How can I make a good living and ENJOY this business?”
*Someone who is photographing clients, then delivering a CD of images
*A Photographer who needs to understand HOW to and WHY he/she should connect with clients in a meaningful way


We conclude our conversation with the story of Lori’s work with Dando Amor. Hear how her love of children has spilled over into orphanages in Haiti, Ecuador, and Africa–through a non-profit that she and another photographer founded.

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