Meet “A TRUE Photographer”–Gail Nogle

Meet “A TRUE Photographer”–Gail Nogle

I mentioned to a few Photog friends that I’d interviewed Gail Nogle while at the Texas School of Professional Photography, and the consensus was the same:

“That girl TRULY loves Photography!”

“She is a TRUE Photographer: to her core!”

“Gail ALWAYS has her camera.”

Listen in, and you’ll catch her unmistakable passion for the craft. You’ll also learn how her work ethic has taken her camera all over the world. As if that’s not enough, you’ll also hear:

  • 1969: 300 guys and only 3 women studying professional photography in college. “I never had trouble finding a darkroom partner.”
  • The surprising response of female clients in her first job as a Photographer
  • Gail’s advice to any female wanting to get into the portrait industry
  • Gail’s favorite place she’s visited. HINT: 60 million visitors within 6 weeks
  • Her response, without hesitation, to the question, “What is one of the memories in this career that really sticks out?”
  • Hear the excitement and sadness–and spirit of adventure–that led her through one of the world’s most publicized events.

Find more of Gail’s work by clicking HERE. And if you ever get the chance to talk Photography with her, you’ll find her enthusiasm infectious. You’ve been forewarned.

And thanks again for Texas School for providing this interview!


Gail Nogle on The PhotoTellers

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